The Surviving Work eCollection


This ebook is our most recent project to look at the working conditions in mental health services. The eBook is part of our research project about the future of therapy – the full research findings can be seen at



This booklet was produced for to help people start to build their relationships at work. This booklet might be useful to anyone interested in organising their workplace.





This is a series of blogs about working life in the UK, the second series of blogs that I edited this time for the LSE’s Business Review. The blogs focus on some key issues such as self-employment, precarity and workplace insecurity as well as some hard hitting blogs about mental health services. Contributions are from Julia Macintosh. John Grahl, Steven Toft, Philip Stokoe, Julian Lousada, Marianna Fotaki, Ian Simpson, Ruth E Jones, Xavier Eloquin, Jane Tinkler, Clive Morton, Annette Clancy, Chris Manning, Keith Venables, Helen Spandler, David Morgan, Gillian Proctor, Miguel Martinez Lucio and me.


This eBook came out of a project I did in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery where one day a month we invited people to come and think with us about the exhibitions and just generally about life. Contributors include Marianna Fotaki, Angela Eden, Jason Evans, Jonny Briggs, Del Loewenthal, Marie Adams, Steve, Fuller, David Morgan and me. This was a really good collaboration between artists, psychotherapists and the rest of us. Part of the project was to set up an online archive of recordings of people’s thoughts that you can access here.


This is a short guide I wrote to accompany the recordings and podcasts on This formed the basis of my book published by Taylor & Francis in 2017 Surviving Work in Healthcare: Helpful stuff for people on the frontline.



A series of blogs about the issues for frontline health workers written for produced by Sage publishers in 2015. This eBook is available on the website, set up in 2016 in partnership with the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust.




A book about Death: that came out of an event at the photographers gallery where the audience were young and hopeful and we left feeling incredibly alive. Contributions from David Morgan, Steve Fuller, Matt Gieve, Angela Eden, Tom Derose, Philip Stokoe, Martina Caruso, Anthony Luvera and me.




A book about Love: This came out of an event at the Freud Museum one Valentines eve. Me walking around a room asking if anyone wanted to talk about sex. They didn’t. Low point for a woman of a certain age. Contributions from Marianna Fotaki, Yiannis Gabrielle, Steve Fuller, Candida Yates, David Morgan, Milena Stateva, Matt Gieve and me.



A book about narcissism: From an event at the LSE on sex and psychopaths. Despite the obvious potential the audience really wanted to make contact and were surprisingly sweet and vulnerable. Contributions from David Bell, Ross Lazar, Milena Stateva, David Morgan, Steve Fuller, Yiannis Gabrielle, Marianna Fotaki and me.



A book about resilience: written by me when I was in a compulsory redundancy pool and probably the least resilient I’ve ever been in my life. If you like raw this is your cup of tea.




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