This eBook came out of an event at the LSE celebrating 100 years of Freud’s On Narcissism. I’ll admit that there was something of the delinquent running through the event and book. Who could resist the temptation to open up a debate about narcissism in that setting? To make matters worse the title of the book was made to provoke a) annoyance within the phenomenally humourless world of business schools b) to get some exposure on social media. This was an early stage in developing Surviving Work and I decided to test the theory that if you sell sex you’ll do well.


It did.


The event included David Morgan, Marianna Fotaki, Yiannis Gabrielle and Steve Fuller and me. It was a real hoot and you can watch the video here. Contributions in this eBook came from this group as well as some wonderful psychoanalytic thinkers David Bell, Candida Yates and Milena Stateva.


The much loved Ross Lazar was also arm wrestled into writing something. Ross died this year, against the best interests of the many who adored him. A man mountain on the emotional frontline, I met Ross in 2011 at my first outing into a psychoanalytic conference presenting a paper about solidarity and trade unions. Ross was the only person I’d ever heard of who ran a group relations conference for trade unionists in Germany. Eye-watering-jaw-dropping-act-of-bravery. His way of using psychoanalytic ideas to respond to hard-core group dynamics, with love and understanding was, well, genuinely awesome. Some people you just miss.


You can download the eBook Sex & Psychopaths HERE.

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