Love: A guide for amateurs came out of an event at the Freud Museum on Valentine’s eve. The idea of the Love Amateur was an attempt to open up a discussion about how hard it is to be in a relationship with other human beings. A kind of marketing campaign for faulty human fumblings.


Anyone who turned up to this event on a cold February night was by definition not a hater and a genuine and loving exchange took place although as these things often go, unpredictably we spent most of the evening talking about politics and the Greek Crisis that was taking place at that time. At one point I did break into a cold sweat as I realised I’d just invited the audience to talk about sex while holding a large microphone standing in the middle of Freud’s sitting room. Such unconscious material still lingers in my dreams.


The design of the eBook has remained a source of much embarrassment to me. I just didn’t think it through how much explanation a large phallus on the front page would require. I still get flashbacks of a staff meeting on research impact and an ill-advised click onto this digital product by my manger. A psychoanalytic training has the benefit that you can sit with awkward silence much longer than your HE colleagues.


The event and eBook is made up of contributions from David Morgan, Matt Gieve, Candida Yates, Steve Fuller, Marianna Fotaki and Yiannis Gabriel and me. Proof that psychoanalytic folk are a shameless lot.


You can read the eBook HERE.










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