a deeper cut

It’s a bit hard to imagine three years ago but as I remember it I wrote a book chapter  for David Morgan’s Political Mind series, on the psychodynamics of trade unions genuinely chuffed to get the word ‘solidarity’ into a psychoanalytic book. I felt like I’d been invited into a members-only space where the political mind can be tolerated.

It’s not often that the worlds of psychoanalysis and politics can sit well together – one too nuanced and sophisticated for the blood and guts of the political sphere. Then 2020 happened and the primitive in all of us came out to play and suddenly it feels like the unconscious in our society needs some explanation. That psychoanalytic thinking might be genuinely useful for what lies ahead. 

David Morgan’s second edited book in the Political Minds series, A Deeper Cut  investigates such vital issues as left and right populisms, colonialism and racism, social care for the mentally ill, manipulation of the masses in the third world, Alice Miller on family politics, diversity, Orwellian thinking, trade unions, religious fundamentalism, NHS politics, activism, and tyranny. Featuring compelling contributions from Lord John Alderdice, Elizabeth Cotton, Tomasz Fortuna, Stephen Frosh, Samir Gandesha, Mary Joan Gerson, Liz Greenway, Roger Hartley, Luisa Passalacqua, Kate Pugh, Marco Puricelli, Edgard Sanchez Bernal, Elisabeth Skale, Mark Stein, and Margot Waddell.

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