An Overheard Conversation

Last week some Thinkers in Residence had some actual thoughts about a body of work Unfinished Father by the Dutch artist Erik Kessels – the piece is made up of series of images and bits of a car that Erik’s dad was renovating when he had a stroke which left him unable to speak and communicate. Click HERE to see images of this work.



This is an overheard conversation.


Thinker 1 “This is the work that I remembered from a few weeks ago, there’s something here where he’s trying to connect with his father…it generated a conversation with you and others about our own fathers. This is my fantasy of course…”



Thinker 2 “I’m interested in your fantasies…”



Thinker 1 “..that in putting this piece together he found out something about his father….that he couldn’t have achieved otherwise…that’s what happens in therapy through a different perception of our histories we somehow come to terms with something of ourselves. This is a very moving piece for me, and who would of thought it, its a car!”



Thinker 2 “We’ve been talking a lot today about working through, as we’re working through it.”


Thinker 3 “You know how you have to sometimes organise your own boxes in your own mind, I feel that’s what the photographer is doing. As beautiful as this work is I imagine that what its done for the artist and his father is an incredibly more powerful experience”


Thinker 1 “…Its when we fragment we’re in trouble. there’s bits of rust, there’s wheels..all the bits of a car you can imagine in here. Photography is not flat – I think that’s what you’re saying too. That they are not just flat photographs on the wall, they’re alive.”


Thinker 2 “I just didn’t really want to look at these photographs in the boxes, they just seem a bit unfinished, fragmented, and I didn’t really want to make the connections… I talked to this guy about those photographs of a steering wheel. He really loved them because they’re showing the repair of and the completion of something”


Thinker 3 “I think the steering wheel is probably one of my favourite parts of this room”



Thinker 2 “Really, now we’re getting geeky”




To listen to this conversation and our growing Body of Work Archive click HERE.

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