Bully Boys

Last week was anti-bullying week and international men’s day. A modern constellation of anti-stereotypical realism.

Men are in deep trouble at work. Bully boys and corporate collapse, suicide turns out to be a big killer for men reportedly the biggest threat to men in the recession.

For the more mature vintage, senior figures from Barclays to the Coop cracking up in spectacular self-destructive style. Personally speaking it’s almost a relief to know that they’ve hit the hard drugs. Proof of human life under the tonne weight of psychopathic demands and psychotic targets.

Working life for a lot of men is literally unbearable. Pass the crystal meth.

Instead of spending last week designing a natty poster about saving the male I spent it sitting very close to some remarkable men and recording their experiences of bullying at work.

Hear why some blokes find it so hard to admit to being bullied

Hear a story about being bullied

Hear how punching each others lights out might be the making of you

Here’s what you have to do if you think you’re being bullied

Just saying.

Don’t be too busy to click. You will learn a great deal from listening to the experts and restore your faith in men, to boot.

And if you are worried about a beautiful bloke you work with then forward them this email.

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