surprisingly given working in mental health…..



I used to get into trouble over strikes….



I learned that we have to understand…



we’re quite good friends now…



I decided to take her down…



I’m autistic and I’ve got a photographic memory..


how not to be a complete narcissist

Do this

Listen to this

Read this

And then sign the Intimacy Pledge

Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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I was bullied by default….



it would take some time to get my mind straight…



I wondered if it was me….



I used to cry a lot….



I try to address is right away….



I said no to drugs and counselling….



I was working in mental health….



I had a car that was too small and they put me on a capability procedure…..



I felt like I was being pushed aside as the manager…..


Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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its hard to admit to vulnerability in the current climate….



people look at me and think I’ll stay away from that….



people aren’t confident they can evidence they’re being bullied…..



the people being bullied have not done anything wrong….



confide in somebody….



a 19 year old woman plumber was being bullied at my work……



address it directly…..



denying it is worse than the bullying….



top tips for dealing with bullies…..



a lot of its probably denial….



it can be done so that its not seen…..



there shouldnt be a stigma attached to it…..



I’m not suggesting that people haven’t tried to bully me…..



its something that’s in the working culture…..



some people just like to bully people…..



some people really benefit from sitting down face to face….



its a pride issue…..



having the strength to say no….



don’t put it off….



I don’t mean to be sexist but….



It ended up in a fist fight…..



I was bullied to make me perform



I’m too gobby to be bullied



It happened when I was an apprentice


Join a group

A real problem with work relates to our actual experiences of being in groups. If you ask most people do they like groups they will say no, precisely because they can make us feel afraid and persecuted. For the more paranoid amongst us going to a team meeting provokes the same physical reaction as the prospect of doing outdoor athletics of a March afternoon.

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Rely on the experts

The best way to get help is to ask someone who has survived bullying how they did it.

The experts

The Survivors’ Manifesto

There’s been a huge amount going on in the glamorous world of mental health research, so let’s not tip toe around the issues here that the UK is experiencing a 20 year high of ‘work fear’ and 25% of us are struggling with depression.

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Protect yourself from bullies

We’re not telling you to get all defensive, but we are telling you to learn a few tricks of the trade to protect yourself from the horrors of Gangland

Protecting yourself

Corporate Bullies

Recently an anonymous survey of NHS Chief Executives was published in the Health Service Journal reporting that 43% of them plan to leave their jobs because of the bullying epidemic in the NHS. Even at these dizzy managerial heights, this survey had to be anonymous because talking about bullying looks from a distance just like career suicide, particularly when you’re having a pop at other managers. 

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Taking on internal bullies

One of the hardest parts of bullying is the collusion that can take place between an external and internal bully. Let me introduce you to Gary, my psychic fascist.

Road to revolution

Getting out of Gangland

How to get out of Gangland and just go to work



Boys don’t cry enough

If you’re being bullied you’ve got to cry man

Boys dont cry enough

Be resilient Not postive

Policy debates about measuring happiness in the current climate sound like something from a bygone era when men did not cry and women wore matching gloves.

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Internet Charm School

Are you guilty of angry emails at 10pm after a night out? Do you trawl your way through your inbox looking for an opportunity for righteous vengeance?

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A story about an internal bully

internal bully