The Survivors’ Manifesto

There’s been a huge amount going on in the glamorous world of mental health research, so let’s not tip toe around the issues here that the UK is experiencing a 20 year high of ‘work fear’ and 25% of us are struggling with depression. I’d love to throw you a few laffs but I’m in a serious frame of mind and in preparation for the launching of our Surviving Work Library next week I’ve been having to get my head around what I actually believe. Nothing like having to stand up in front of folk and say the words mental illness to galvanise one to get to the freekish point.  So, after 6 years of working in mental health here it is, what I believe.



The Survivor’s Manifesto


Resilience is the capacity to cope with and adapt to difficult situations. It is not a character trait or an aspect of personality, rather it’s the capacity or state of mind that means we can keep our hands on the steering wheels of our own lives.


We, the Surviving Workers, believe that:

Resilience is democratic and does not discriminate between people who see themselves as mentally ill and those that don’t. We are all vulnerable to losing our resilience when things get tough.

We are all able to influence our resilience, regardless of wealth, looks and luck in life.

Productive work is central to human happiness and it’s the collective responsibility of gaffers and workers to build resilience in the face of the realities of the recession.

Resilience means being brave and taking on the stigma attached to struggling with life.

We are all in the driving seats of our own resilience but we need each other to really nail it.

We the undersigned commit to try and keep trying, to challenge the wilfully destructive internal and external voices that tell us otherwise.


Sign up comrade.