they said my best wasn’t relevant….


How not to be a complete narcissist

Do this

Listen to this

Read this

And then sign the Intimacy Pledge

Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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I know I can speak to the top boss….



someone that listens…..



being able to recognize people’s qualities….



if you’re open and honest with people…..



I’ve never met anyone as patronizing….



he had no leadership skills….



its the lack of direction I find scarey….


Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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his people skills were shocking…..




I had no support whatsoever



I was a bit crafty with him…..



the level of incompetence was really helpful….



they are human beings but their thought processes have become clouded….



when the desire to be a manager outweighs their ability….



he was the corporate psychopath…..




it’s those people who have no empathy at all…..



he was a monster really…..



I could not have had a better manager….


Our dirty little secret

Our dirty little secret is out. Working in the UK has become inhumane.

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I haven’t had one good boss in this job



He was just a terrible person to work for



I was frozen out by the people I worked with



I think I was a horrible boss



We’d all be out on strike if not



I can’t thank them enough



Brilliant beautiful boss was also a ghastly one…



its was also my best job…

my worst job


well renound for storming down rows of desks…



My brilliant beautiful boss was also a ghastly gaffer



What became my worst job started out as my dream job

my worst job


Boys don’t cry enough

I’ve just been crying at my desk. I can recommend it. 

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they were well renowned for storming down the row of desks….



The Job Delusion

Woke up thinking I have a job. I get up, get dressed, commute, enter office, switch on computer. Semblance of a job but actually I’ve entered the Workplace Matrix.

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Phone a friend

99% of survivors say that they wouldn’t have coped without telling someone what was going wrong.

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Be Resilient Not positive

Policy debates about measuring happiness in the current climate sound like something from a bygone era when men did not cry and women wore matching gloves.

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Internet Charm School

Are you guilty of angry emails at 10pm after a night out? Do you trawl your way through your inbox looking for an opportunity for righteous vengeance?

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Corporate Psychopaths

Recently an anonymous survey of NHS Chief Executives was published in the Health Service Journal reporting that 43% of them plan to leave their jobs because of the bullying epidemic in the NHS. Even at these dizzy managerial heights, this survey had to be anonymous because talking about bullying looks from a distance just like career suicide, particularly when you’re having a pop at other managers. 

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