soon my work will be unwaged…



its just so taboo to talk about mental illness…



I am trying to find empathy working in mental health…



its a real honour to work as a therapist…



Take a break..


Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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how to get round internal resistance….



being of service matters…..



I had to find something meaningful…..



recognising what you can and can’t do….


Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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work is like the Matrix and you need to keep grounded….



you realise that everyone is going through the same problems….



it’s great to get one over and save somebody their job….



I’m probably doing OK really….


Hardworking ™

This week I will mainly be arguing against working hard.

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The R Word

I am not what you could call a poster girl for optimism.

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Blogging has become the only show in town if you want to say something about the reality of work. In an age of organisational failure,

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Wish you were here

I have mixed feelings about holidays.  Having survived the workplace equivalent of SAS training,   three weeks of commuting in a heat wave, turns out that civilisation does not in fact rest on my sweaty shoulder pads and that I am free to go on holiday. Chin tremblin moment,

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when being right is not enough

Surviving Work is back in London, fresh as a middle aged gazelle back from the International Study for the Psychoanalytic Society of Organisations conference. 7.30am social dreaming plus jazz karaoke, two words and one psychic nightmare later,

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what does anyone know about resilience really?



don’t take it too personally when…



having the support of others



how could I teach my children about bullying?



just fight your corner



not compromising your principles



the less bitchy you are the easier life becomes



standing up strong for what you believe in



it’s about knowing yourself



it’s about looking after yourself



ability to control your actions



I know it can be improved by talking to people



I’d like to see it in teacher training



whatever you use to cope with stress



its about other people



not doing things you dont want to do



you are valuable



Not killing your family





Just finding a way of keeping going


I’ve got a middle of the road resilience

The Resilience 12 Steps

I’m a big fan of AA  because it’s got some rules and sometimes I need a good talking to. The delinquent loon that lives inside me does not rationalize, no nice parental calm explanatory stuff here.

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A spoonful of narcissism

Last week I saw my shiney digital entrepreneur non-mentor. He’s doing great and I mean that. As the poster boy for self-confidence dripping with a healthy sense of himself I look upon him with genuine awe, as a creature from a different gene pool.

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Blogging for neurotics

One year on from the original Surviving Work blogs and I’ve learned a lot about surviving work through blogging. As a life-long member of Team Neurotic I had never before wanted to communicate my internal dialogue with anyone I don’t share an exact DNA match.

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Campaign for me

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy – putting ourselves down and not standing up to that voice that says “loser”.


It’s the way that you do it

If you’re working poor or witnessing the demise of your career you’ve got to ask yourself why work?



Radical Resilience

Resilience is the ability to cope with and adapt to difficult situations, a squaring up to life and a fundamentally realistic concept that acknowledges the world as it is (extraordinarily rubbish at times).

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Internet Charm School

Are you guilty of angry emails at 10pm after a night out? Do you trawl your way through your inbox looking for an opportunity for righteous vengeance?

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