Nick Clegg is not Lonely

We asked Nick Clegg what his top tip for surviving work is and this is what we got. We added unconscious subtitles

Corporate psychopaths


Technically that makes me a corporate psychopath but since I’m also a narcissist I don’t care that you know it

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Ghastly Gaffers


Check out the captions for this image!

Not Looking Forward to working with that pyscho AT ALL! – Scott

The young lad at the back looks like he’s thinking “I wish i’d taken the day off!” – Martine S

First day at work and my soul being sucked out of my body through my nose – IC

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I have nerves of veal, man, nerves of veal

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Then I’m going to eat my own leg to get out of software training

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You lost me at ‘innovative absence management tool’, emphasis on the toool

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Stop me


Please stop me stapling my own head to this wall

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I could try harder but I’m busy watching porn 

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My real job title


My real job title is Duchess of Despair

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I don’t take sugar in my coffee  

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Are you angry? You look angry..

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I hate that


Please don’t send me any more pictures of cats. Seriously. I hate cats.

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Cheer up!! It may never happen!!


‘Well, I’m working here and talking to you… so that ship has sailed’.

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Ahhh photocopying


Sometimes I have to get up early just so that I can devote the necessary time to hating my job, my boss, my life and myself more (delete as applicable). 

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