Love: A Guide for Amateurs

If you woke up this morning feeling like a wronger on the love stakes, don’t give up. Just put the existential crisis down and cut to the chase – we are all amateurs when it comes to love.


Love: A Guide for Amateurs is our psychic Valentine’s to you. From our fear of intimacy, the economics of romance to loving the people that you work with, a little something for you my luver.


Download the Guide for Amateurs eBook here.

David Morgan talks about our fears of intimacy
Matt Gieve & Milena Stateva talk about whether a more humane economy is possible
Steve Fuller on transhuman love
Marianna Fotaki on why societies can’t survive without love
Yiannis Gabrielle on a Europe without love
Candida Yates on love, jealousy and flirtation
Elizabeth Cotton on solidarity and loving heroes

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