Love Amateur 2015

Don’t know about you but 2014 left me feeling a little short on love. So in an attempt to survive 2015 we’re going to start the #loveamateurs campaign to find out how to do it.

From January we will be asking you what you want to know about love – from how to make people love us to how to get on with the people you work with. People, we can do this.

As part of our global campaign, on the 13th February we’ll be having an informal and loving discussion between amateurs on the subject of love at the  Freud Museum in London. Using different aspects of love in Greek philosophy – agápe, éros, philía, and storgē – and Freud’s conceptualisations of Eros,  we will think about why it’s so difficult to love.


David Morgan will look at the profound experiences we face with intimacy, in learning deeply about ourselves.


Candida Yates will look at ‘new intimacies’ in our representations of love, jealousy and flirtation in popular culture.


Matt Gieve and Milena Stateva will think about love as the interplay between emancipation and resistance in an economic view in contemporary notions of love.


Steve Fuller will ask, as the sphere of human concern extends beyond Homo sapiens to other animals and even machines, is our capacity for agape, a ‘higher love’  increased as well?


Yiannis Gabriel will look at what happens when all love is sucked out of a community in the grip of a contagious pathogen which dissolves bonds of solidarity and trust among its members.


Marianna Fotaki will talk about the link between a culture of compulsive consumerism and toxic attachments and propose an ethics of relationality and compassionate care.


The event will be managed compassionately by Surviving Work and will include publication of an eBook, Love: A Guide for Amateurs.

Join us on our journey to become experts in love.