Part 8 How to survive work


At the risk of looking like I habitually punch puppies for the laffs, if you’re feeling like the workplace underdog you’ve really got to get over yourself.

Part 5 How to Survive Work

How to get very angry


The man who sits on the next desk is eating of crisps with his mouth open. Each crisp individually placed in his mouth. Crunch crunch crunch. Three times exactly, each sadistic little crisp. I click onto my workplace wellbeing website to find a mindfulness section presumably designed with this precise scenario in mind; Ocean Breathing or Chakra Energy Cleanse?

Part 3 how to survive work

how to protect yourself at work


Work is really stressful, sending an open house invitation to chaos, fear, anger and their BFF, anxiety. Only rich people still hold the sentimental idea that we are not suffering a mental health crisis at work.

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Part 2 How to Survive Work

Sign the Survivors’ Manifesto

HTSW Part 2

Download the manifesto HERE

Part 1 How to survive work

Work out if your job just not that into you?



what unconscious?

talking about the unconscious is a bit like farting in a lift….


the catastrophe of work

blimey its been a bad week for work…..



Is that a ticking heart or a bomb about to go off?
is it ticking

I need you…

Does that sound desperate that I  actually really truly need you?
I need you

Don’t be successful

You must not be successful….
Dont be successful

The terrorist inside

How I lost it on the 7.15 train to Cardiff..

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The job delusion

My employer is just not that into me…
the job delusion

Crack monkey goes to rehab

what happened when my phone broke….
crack monkey

Nick Clegg is not lonely

No really, he’s not lonely…no really….
Nick Clegg is not lonely

mirror mirror

Sounds simple but how hard is it for us to just look in the mirror?
mirror mirror

Get your group on

How to play with the other children at work
get your group on

Blogging is good for you

Blogging is the mental health profylactic

Boys don’t cry enough

Come on gents, put the hours in
Boys dont cry enough

Road to revolution

If you really want to deal with bullying you need to become revolting
Road to revolution

my internal bully

Let me introduce you to Gary, my psychic fascist

internal bully

Protecting yourself

Bit like being in an aircrash, have to look after yourself first..

Protecting yourself

I’m lonely

I know, you got the urge to click off…


Getting help

You know you’ve got to….

get help

Farting in a lift

talking about the unconscious is a bit like farting in a lift..

the unconscious


Is it ticking?

is it ticking

Risks and protections

What to avoid and what to run to..

Risks and protections

Corporate wars

Its all about whether psychopaths will win over pendants..


getting out of gangland

how to beat the workplace bullies



Everything you ever wanted to know about anger


Farting in a lift

Dare you mention the unconscious at work?


customer services

I’m sorry to Daniel who works for the council

Customer Services

be resilient not positive

we will not be telling you to cheer up anytime soon

Be resilient not positive

trade unions make you happy

and you thought they were just for old blokes….


The resilience 12 steps

Really, the 12 steps to being more resilient


Why work?

Why bother? Ask Bananarama


the catastrophe of work

where have all the good jobs gone?


Radical resilience

what is resilience and why its radical man


The resilient manager

How to be a resilient manager

The Resilient Manager

Protecting Yourself From Bullies

We’re not telling you to get all defensive, but we are telling you to learn a few tricks of the trade to protect yourself from the horrors of Gangland

Protecting yourself