real help is a long term thing….



supervision is key….



a lot of us love Freud…



she really listened to me…



I’ve got a few people who I rely on..



he’s my phone a friend..


Lessons in intimacy: Playing nicely with the other children

This week we’re taking the mortifying step of actually trying to make friends and influence people. Oh the tragedy of actually getting on with the people you work with. 

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Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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the first GP who took me seriously…..



in every way the team came together….



I think its important to have someone to speak to, I do….



I had no manager and she was my mentor….



I tend to reach out a lot…..


Send us your tips and stories of how to survive work 

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they were really random people who helped me….



we’re brought up on the idea of not showing weakness….



you don’t have many good samaritans these days…….



I was lucky to have someone who was really competent to help me…..



my team was really close….



it’s lonely having problems at work….



the only way I survived work was by being friends with the people I worked with….


Let’s be friends

There are lots of opportunities to feel like a total fraud at work.

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you need a close network of people to survive



therapeutic unions



my colleagues kept me going



the most random people responded to my crisis



I got to the point where I couldn’t trust anybody


humanity restored. Tick.

I seem to have lost my humanity somewhere between 30 and 31 degrees. About to head off to the Northern line through London Bridge armed with a vengeful man-made fibre outfit. That’s code for class war anywhere on the pre-holiday commuter belt. 

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someone to rely on

This person really helped me when I had a work crisis..

someone to rely on

Phone a friend

Whatever is going wrong at work don’t, whatever you do, try to go it alone. 99% of survivors say that they wouldn’t have coped without telling someone what was going wrong.

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I found someone to rely on….

someone to rely on

Protecting yourself

Cracking podcast about how to protect yourself at work and how much we need other people to do it

Protecting yourself

I’m Lonely

I am lonely. I know, you just got the urge to do click off, repelled by this shocking disclosure of human frailty. Lonely = loser right?

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Trades unions make you happy

Podcast about why trade unions make you happy

Trade unions make you happy

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Getting help

Podcast about why its so hard to get help

get help


Get your group on

How to get on with people podcast

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Farting in a lift

Talking about mental illness is a bit like farting in a lift

the unconscious 

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Nick Clegg is not lonely

Following the advice of my digital non-mentor to brand Surviving Work as the Sex and the City for mental health (Working title: Despair and the City, no?) last week I dipped my toe into getting-myself-out-there.

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I Need You

Romance is dead but I still need you.

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