someone shut her up

Do not under any circumstances get me started. I’m very tired of my own voice so this week Surviving Work is taking a week off to shut up.


This is not an internal attack about my failure to eradicate mental illness nor a recrimination for sometimes using intellectual defences to not feel the full spectrum of human emotions from rage to being a bit narky. Nope, it’s just sometimes you just need to shut up and listen.


So I’m  sending you with quite a lot of affection some of my surviving work library favourites.


“I didn’t know my work would be a minefield of anxiety”


“I really saw the world differently and got quite depressed about it” 


“My dad suffered from workplace stress what a waste” 


These are just three of the exceptional people who are published authors in the Surviving Work Library. Do yourself a kindness and block out your internal voice by listening to other voices here.

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