Steady Hands

So in this last of our three recordings about the industrialisation of mental health the gentle and precise Rosie Rizq walks us through the end of relationships towards a transactional future of how to get the most out of each other, via a paranoid segue into the audit and performance cultures. 

There’s something disarmingly calm and steady about Rosie. I don’t know many people who can take you on a bleak tour of the state our services are in and still leave you feeling grateful for the education and hopeful that a few steady hands remain in the system to protect it when the lights go out.

I’m very grateful to know this careful person.

To watch the full video click here or on the image below.

To watch the full series of talks click on the British Sociological Association link here.

Rosie Rizq and Surviving Work will be speaking at Lockdown 2020 organised by Curtin University and UEL this week, Wednesday 18th November lunch time. Sign up here

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