The Therapy Industry Part 7

This is going to come as an awful shock but therapists have actual feelings. Yup, far from the awkward silence/punative parent routine, people who work in mental health services use their feelings to do what they do. They feel stuff because their patients need them to and its from this bodily, rather than intellectual, exchange that things get worked through.


As a result, how mental health workers are treated at work has consequences. Bluntly, working with distress is distressing and if we want our therapists to contain what we bring, they have to have a certain level of containment themselves. Whether its job security or safe settings, our therapists can only take so much.


In our final blog in The Therapy Industry series, here is what our survey respondents said about how they feel about their work. Just read it.







To read the results of the Surviving Work Survey go to www.thefutureoftherapy. Actual facts.


Has austerity affected the way we work in mental health? Over the summer you can contact @freethepeeps and @survivingwk to have a collective think about how austerity is changing mental health services and the way treatment is delivered #futureoftherapy #mentalhealth&austerity

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