The Resilience Tapes

What no blog? No words of human kindness sprinkled with low level humour and nudges towards geeky public policy research? Nope.


Now, before you get huffy with me that’s because this year we’re going to try different ways to survive work. You and I have now got a thing going. I’m not dumping you or nothing but let’s face it we’ve already got into some bad habits. You never tell me how you’re feeling and I think you are starting to find me boring. It’s only a matter of time before you start looking at other blogs and go back to checking your horoscopes. So, in the words of the magnificent Gok Wan, let’s pep it up girlfriend.


Each month I’m going to send you a link to an audio file – it might be an interview or a monologue, could be on any topic but the POINT, yes the POINT, will be to listen to the glorious and rich thoughts of other human beings. Nobody knows how to survive work like you lot do so let’s hear it.


This week we have a delicacy for you, an interview with Tom Wrigglesworth  talking about anxiety. He’s a comedian and knows a lot about it.  It’s possibly counter productive to state that he’s also funny.


Click  to hear The Resilience Tapes

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