The Romance Academy

This blog is just one of the things that we do at The Resilience Space. Oh yeah, we’re not just sitting around being clever and trying to impress you, we do stuff at the The Resilience Academy.

In the main, this involves running online and face-to-face education. Our work is based on a model of adult education which wants you to be confident about what you know about life and work out how to enlist the help of other people to build your resilience. The other thing that adult education does is roll up its sleeves and gets stuck into the real world of work and the powerful stuff of anger, hate, love and their kissing cousins perfectionism, envy, bullying and harassment.

Basically, and I don’t wish to blind you with science here, everything we do is designed to big you up. And that, sweet-cheeks, is what we call empowerment.

To the regret of the company board, we’re not in it for the money or the tsunami of love and gratitude that comes at you when you ask people to look realistically at themselves. What we are though is dead serious about building your resilience. So each month we’ll be sending you an activity. You can do with it what you like – whether it’s gobbling it up enthusiastically or sloping off to smoke behind the bike sheds – although generally these things only work if you try them.

When they can’t kiss it better
Sometimes people don’t know how to help us.  Not wishing to pop your Valentine balloon, but when we’re upset its not always the people that we’re sweet on that save the day. Sometimes they can’t kiss it better. The upside to the death of romance is that it opens you up to the possibility  that there are loads of people who can help you get through a crisis, even if they don’t set your heart a racing.

The aim of this activity is to work out what is likely to happen when you’re upset, what kind of help you need and who could give it to you.

First, spend 3 minutes thinking about a time when you got upset at work.  Think about what triggered it, how you felt and what happened.  Then think about who helped you stop feeling upset. Try to take the full three minutes to do this.  Then fill in your crisis card:

My Crisis Card


We now dare you to fill this in and give your crisis card to the person that you’d call.

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