Therapeutic Tinder

The idea of therapeutic tinder might sound like social media jazz hands, but it’s right here and right now for those of us caught up in the digitalisation of mental health. Ambivalence about virtual human contact is just where we are.  

A few weeks ago a group of people got together to think about what is happening to mental health services in this profoundly existential moment.

This is the first of a series of videos about the impact of industrialisation and digitalization on our mental health. This clip is my contribution to the debate, looking at the Uberization of therapy and where this leaves us.

Click here or on the image below to watch the full video.

Over the next few weeks Surviving Work will be sending you clips from the speakers of Industrialisation of Therapy event hosted by the British Sociological Association and its journal Work, Employment & Society (WES).


  • Debbie McNamara, from the Mental Health Resistance Network will be talking about the social model of mental health and the growth of online co-counselling as an alternative to mental health services.
  • Clare Slaney, Psychotherapist and founder of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and founding member of the Partnership for Psychotherapy and Counselling will be talking about the premise that work is good for us and the rationale for supporting therapeutic work.
  • Rosie Rizq, therapist and academic from University of Roehampton who researches into work and politics in mental health, co-editor of The Industrialisation of Therapy, PCCS books will be talking about the industrialisation of care and the myths of the IAPT juggernaut.
  • Elizabeth Cotton, academic from the University of Hertfordshire, founder of and and Co-Editor in Chief of WES will be talking about Ubertherapy and the digitalisation of therapeutic work.To watch the full event hosted by the British Sociological Association and it’s journal Work Employment & Society (WES) click here.
  • To watch the full event click here.

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