Thinkers in Residence

Over the next six months you are cordially invited to become a Thinker in Residence at The Photographers Gallery in London to think about and talk about anything that comes to mind.



Literally anything at all.



One day every month you will be invited to have actual thoughts about the exhibitions, the gallery and the people in it.



We’ve got photography about state surveillance to portraits of Black Dandies, revolution to migration – stuff to stimulate those tired ol’ brains and hearts.



On each day we will invite thoughtful folk, including those of a psychoanalytic persuasion, artists and activists, to have a conversation about what they think. Anyone can come and have a conversation and seize the opportunity to talk to complete strangers in the gallery.



Seriously, when was the last time that someone genuinely asked you what you think?



Every month we will produce blogs and podcasts with actual thoughts which will go up on the project’s tumblr.



At the end of the project we will produce an eBook based on our collective Body of Work.

Become a Thinker in Residence at The Photographers Gallery, 16–18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW 12-8pm on
– 28th April
– 12th May
– 16th June
– 21st July
– 4th August
– 15 September



To get an update on A Body of Work click onto our website or you can contact Oliver Whitehead @WhiteheadOllie and Elizabeth Cotton @Survivingwk.


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