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Top Tenz is back in an attempt to move on swiftly from last week’s topic of death.


1. OK so this isn’t exactly light but its probably the most important report you’ll read this year. The first State of the Nation report looks at social inequality and child poverty. Just read it and if you can’t face it follow us on twitter this week @survivingwk to get the facts. Luvvas, this is really bad. 

2. We have just made it through conference season, and if you didn’t come away from the Tory party shindig without ‘hardworking’ rattling around your head, you weren’t listening. This post though says that the obsession with it can be a dangerous distraction from the really valuable things in life.


3. When really senior judges, who are rarely accused of being ‘down with the kids’, come out fighting and kicking about legal aid reform, you know things have got very bad indeed.


4. With the international increase in migrants, many governments are struggling with how to police their borders. There have been some particularly nasty ideas coming out of the Home Office on this issue, racist vans anyone? But now the UK Border Agency has taken to texting those who it considers illegal to ‘go home’. Their mobile phone numbers supplied by the contractor, Capita. Human rights people.

5. We are big fans of Nordic drama here at Surviving Work. And so we were delighted to see those Danes topping this Happiest Countries in the World poll. The UK doesn’t squeeze into the top 20. Something about welfare maybe?

6. Loneliness is a difficult thing to talk about, because it feels as though, duh, we are the only one suffering from it. Turns out its all the Government’s fault though because its linked to whether we have a community, job seeking and pressures of work.

7. By failing to tackle systematic discrimination in the health services, many dedicated and talented staff are personally affected. But this thoughtful post shows how it also harms patient safety.



8. Beautiful, evocative and downright spooky: these photos of deserted American roadside spots are dreamy.



9. I found this post really heartening. Can you imagine a blogasphere where nobody has job titles or pulls rank? Good not to know you are sometimes.



10. It may be that the Happy Mondays weren’t your thing, or you are just too young to have heard of them. But Bez has found bees,down with nature and loving it.

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